Blind Guardian: Beyond The Red Mirror [2015]

Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror [2015]

Released January 30, 2015
Recorded 2014
Studio Twilight Hall Studio, Grefrath,Germany
Genre Power metal, symphonic metal
Length 65:03
70:54 (Limited editions and vinyl versions)
76:42 (Earbook version)
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Charlie Bauerfeind

Beyond the Red Mirror is the tenth studio album by German power metal band Blind Guardian, released on January 30, 2015 through Nuclear Blast.[2] It is the band’s first album since 2010’s At the Edge of Time, marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career (being three days longer than the gap between 2002’s A Night at the Opera and 2006’s A Twist in the Myth). It is also their first album without former session member Oliver Holzwarth onbass guitar since 1995’s Imaginations from the Other Side, with Barend Courbois replacing him. “Twilight of the Gods” was released a single to promote this album.

A concept album and a sequel to Imaginations from the Other Side, Beyond the Red Mirror has been described byHansi Kürsch as “A story between science fiction and fantasy. […] The two worlds described have changed dramatically for the worse since then. While there used to be several passages between the worlds, there is only one gate left now: The Red Mirror. It has to be found at any cost.”

Track listing

All music composed by André Olbrich and Hansi Kürsch, except where noted. All lyrics written by Kürsch.

I. The Cleansing of the Promised Land
  1. “The Ninth Wave” (Olbrich, Matthias Ulmer, Kürsch) – 9:28
  2. Twilight of the Gods” – 4:50
II. The Awakening
  1. “Prophecies” – 5:26
  2. “At the Edge of Time” – 6:54
III. Disturbance in the Here and Now
  1. “Ashes of Eternity” – 5:39
IV. The Mirror Speaks
  1. “Distant Memories” – 5:51 (Bonus track on limited editions and vinyl versions)
V. Disturbance in the Here and Now (Reprise)
  1. “The Holy Grail” (Frederik Ehmke, Olbrich, Kürsch) – 5:59
VI. The Descending of the Nine
  1. “The Throne” (Olbrich, Charlie Bauerfeind, Kürsch) – 7:54
VII. The Fallen and the Chosen One
  1. “Sacred Mind” – 6:22
  2. “Miracle Machine” (Michael Schüren, Kürsch) – 3:03
VIII. Beyond the Red Mirror
  1. “Grand Parade” – 9:28
IX. Damnation
  1. “Doom” (Marcus Siepen, Olbrich, Kürsch) – 5:48 (Bonus track on earbook version)


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