Paradise Lost: The Plague Within [2015]

Paradise Lost - The Plague Within [2015]

Released 1 June 2015 (EU)[1]
2 June 2015 (NA)
27 June 2015 (JPN)
Recorded at Orgone Studios in London
Genre Death-doom, gothic metal
Length 50:27
Label Century Media
Producer Jaime Gomez Arellano

The Plague Within is the 14th studio album by the British doom metal band Paradise Lost. The album was released on 1 June 2015 in Europe and 2 June 2015 in North America via Century Media Records.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “No Hope in Sight” 4:54
2. “Terminal” 4:28
3. “An Eternity of Lies” 5:58
4. “Punishment Through Time” 5:13
5. “Beneath Broken Earth” 6:09
6. “Sacrifice the Flame” 4:42
7. “Victim of the Past” 4:29
8. “Flesh from Bone” 4:19
9. “Cry Out” 4:31
10. “Return to the Sun” 5:44


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