Fear Factory – Genexus [2015]

Fear Factory - Genexus [2015]

Released August 7, 2015
Recorded 2014−2015
Genre Industrial metal, groove metal,thrash metal
Length 47:55
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber

Genexus is the ninth studio album by American heavy metal band Fear Factory, released on August 7, 2015.[1][2] This is the third studio album from Fear Factory since guitarist Dino Cazares rejoined the band in 2009, and their first to feature drummer Mike Heller.[3] Genexus is also Fear Factory’s first release through Nuclear Blast.

Regarding the drums on Genexus, Burton C. Bell stated: “…This time we are gonna use a live drummer, we’re gonna use Mike Heller to record a few of the songs, not all of them, but a few to get that live feel, because some of these songs require a live feel, and so we’re gonna go with that.”[4] A lyric video for the song “Soul Hacker” was released on June 17.[5] A lyric video for the song “ProtoMech” was released on July 11. A full music video for the song “Dielectric” was released on August 7, the same day as the album release.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Autonomous Combat System” 5:28
2. “Anodized” 4:47
3. “Dielectric” 4:19
4. “Soul Hacker” 3:12
5. “ProtoMech” 4:56
6. “Genexus” 4:48
7. “Church of Execution” 3:21
8. “Regenerate” 4:02
9. “Battle for Utopia” 4:14
10. “Expiration Date” 8:48
Total length:



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