U.D.O.: Steelhammer [2013]

U.D.O. - Steelhammer [2013]

Released May 21, 2013
Recorded Roxx Studio, PulheimGermany, 2012
Genre Heavy metal
Length 53:02
Label AFM
Producer Udo Dirkschneider and Fitty Wienhold

Steelhammer is the 14th studio album by German heavy metal band U.D.O., released on May 21st, 2013, through AFM Records. It is the first album to feature guitarists Kasperi Heikkinen and Andrey Smirnov. It is also the first album to not feature former Acceptdrummer Stefan Kaufmann as guitarist since 1997’s Solid, as well as the first to not feature Igor Gianola since 1998’s No Limits.

Track listing

No. Title Music Length
1. “Steelhammer” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 3:23
2. “A Cry Of A Nation” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 5:41
3. “Metal Machine” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:46
4. “Basta Ya” Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Gonzales 4:33
5. “Heavy Rain” Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Knight 2:25
6. “Devil’s Bite” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 5:05
7. “Death Ride” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:08
8. “King Of Mean” Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Knight 4:07
9. “Timekeeper” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:26
10. “Never Cross My Way” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:23
11. “Take My Medicine” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 5:07
12. “Stay True” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:04
13. “When Love Becomes A Lie” Dirkschneider, Wienhold, v.Scheidt 4:12
14. “Book Of Faith” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 5:12
15. “Shadows Come Alive (bonus track for limited edition digipak)” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:23
16. “Dust And Rust (Basta Ya in English) (bonus track for Japan)” Dirkschneider, Wienhold 4:31


1. Steelhammer

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Bang your head against the wall
Make ’em hear the words you wanna say
Tear it up and smash it down
Scream it out the price they’re gonna pay

Trouble on the left
Trouble on the right
I got the balls
I got the might

Steelhammer – Steelhammer

Heavy hard and mega loud
With iron hearts and fire in your brains
Going on we feel no pain
We’re metal soldiers marching for the faith

[Repeat Bridge]

Steelhammer – Steelhammer
Hammering your brain
Steelhammer – Steelhammer
Driving you insane

Steelhammer – Steelhammer – Steelhammer

2. A Cry Of A Nation

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Some think crazy – some think not
Live in a world – madness won’t stop
Downturn legacy – bottomless well
Stop the rot – before we land in hell

Cash flow, backhand – cream the lot
Dirty business – from the crooks on top
Sky’s the limit – devil’s underhand
They’re digging in deep – we better make a stand

Money to burn – will they ever learn

A cry of a nation – it’s nof what we need
A cry of a nation – a global misery
A human tragedy – wny don’t you see
A cry of a nation

Double fees – zillionaires
Blindfold deals – hell – nobody cares
Man on a station – falls down to his knees
Broken and busted – cries: Salvation please

[Spoken part:]
Good evening
And more important news on the global meltdown
The governments of the world, today, have issued the following statement
All persons with 2 million (of their local currency or less) yes, that’s less!
Must report to their local euthanasia department for disposal
Women and children first.
You heard it first on channel meltdown goodnight.

3. Metal Machine

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

It comes to you without a warning
It gets connected to your mind
It’s on a hunt, it will find you
You can’t escape its terror mind

It starts the laser eyes
And starts to memorise
And now the chase
Has now begun

It’s starting up the multiphasing
Its generators heating up

It stares with empty eyes
You will be paralyzed
And now you cannot run away
Grabs you with metal arms
Incineration farm
You are the waste, it doesn’t need

Look and see
The metal machine
We’ve all been living – now it’s over
Hide and seek
The metal machine
Creep and crawl, it’s getting colder

The clock is ticking down the warning
Until the bell begins to ring
Tried to fight, we cannot move
We know the human race is through

4. Basta Ya

[Music: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]
[Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Garcia Gonzales]

Si quieres puedes cambiar el mundo
no lo estropees, usa la cabeza
tienes los medios, tienes el arma
no tienes limites, tienes la fuerza

Tu vives bien, en tu comodo hogar
¡Hey! ¿Y nosotros qué? ¿Y los ninos qué?

Basta ya
es hora de crear
un mundo nuevo
Basta ya
no tengo miedo a perder
Basta ya
es hora de cambiar
a un nuevo credo
Basta ya
iré tras ello hasta el final

Estoy harto de tus mentiras
nunca escuchas, ignoras nuestras vidas
lo mas grande, lo mas selecto
lo tienes todo y que se joda el resto.

5. Heavy Rain

[Music: Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Knight]
[Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Nothing could prepare me for the truth
How could I believe, I hope I was of use
Didn’t realise I’d played the fool
You were the devil in disguise
Your poison made me die

You’re like heavy rain
Always feels the same
You’re like a dagger in the night
You always make a lie
Out of everything
You’re like heavy rain
You bring a tear to my eye
I wish that you would fly back into heavy rain

Bleeding from the arrow to my heart
You did the dirty deed, you tore my soul apart
Left me like an addict in the dust
You crawled inside my skin
You left me cold and crushed

[Repeat Chorus]

The future is not so bright
I’ll have to learn to flgnt
The likes of you
I’ll find an open road
And bear this heavy load from you

6. Devil’s Bite

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Hard and loose, this is the life I choose
I own the higher ground
Life can be a bitch
Sometimes cannot be fixed
Rolling on, like a wheel

Waste of time, some are broken
Hard and tough, no fantasy
You and I – you broke in two
I’ve got you under – take the lead

Let me bite you – iron hard
Let me bite you – straight to your heart

Don’t take the devil’s bite
So we can stay together
Don’t take the devil’s bite
So we can live forever
Don’t take the devil’s bite
So we can fight together
Don’t take the devil’s bite – no devil’s bite

What you do, sometimes it must be true
It’s up to you
Told you it’s a bitch, time to burn the bridge
So let me bow, that’s the deal

7. Death Ride

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

No matter what your creed
Or what your colour
No matter if you’re rich or poor
We walk the line, some end up in hell
Some get a bucket of fear

You tell me you’re on a fucking mission
Let me tell you, you are wrong
Who needs the word of your religion, for your perfect state

C’mon stop talking, so keep on walking
You got a sickness in mind
Don’t need your madness, so keep your sadness
I’ve got a ticket in mind

We’re on a death ride – we cannot wait much longer
We’re on a death ride – some of us take longer
We’re on a death ride – not only for the stronger
We’re on a death ride – feel the storm of hunger
We are all insane

Ride begins and we will
Leave the station
Leave behind temptation – and faith
Turn out the light – and say goodnight
Hello to – end of days

There never was a choice or decision
Let me tell – no other way
Never gonna be an intermission – you’re here to stay

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

8. King Of Mean

[Music: Dirkschneider, Wienhold, Knight]
[Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

I’m a pit bull
Well I’m a shotgun
I’m a ten ton truck loaded down with TNT
I’m a missile
Well I’m a tiger
I’m a midnight, hellcat, bastard, s.o.b.

Holy Moses
Holy smoke
Everything I’ve been
I am what you will regret
Cause I’m the king of mean

I’m a chainsaw
I am lightning
The hammer of hell to take your life away
I’m a bad dog
I’m a crosshair
I’m the axe that’s come to terminate your day

[Repeat Chorus]

I’ll devastate you to the wasteland
You’re riding on the devil’s tail
My heat is gonna make you melt down
I know you’re guaranteed to fail

[Repeat Chorus]

9. Timekeeper

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

See horizons lie
Call your fate your sign
On your way, still your own
Marching from your home

So you lost – so am I
It makes you breathe
Tell me why – have you been gone
Where’ve you been
I change your time

He is the timekeeper – messing with your mind
Timekeeper – watching over ypu
He is the timekeeper – making all the rules
Timekeeper – coming over you

Out of sight and wrong – so wrong
Timeline dead and gone – are gone
Universal clash – a clash
Cleaning human trash

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

He is the timekeeper – messing up your mind
Timekeeper – lording over you
He is the timekeeper – changing all the rules
Timekeeper – you still don’t have a clue

10. Never Cross My Way

[Music & Words: Dirkschieider, Wienhold]

Just in time – I realised
Your words – not true
Everything or nothing
It was hard for me to do

What I decided – not forever
You – for me is history
You have twisted me – talking to a wall
Just keep away from me

So if you ever cross my way
If you ever cross my way
So if you ever cross my way
I won’t be hiding – hiding away from you

In the morning when I wake up
My mind is full of hate
But nothing lasts forever
For you I stay awake

I was the crown – you are the poison
Like a shadow – hanging over me
Thrown away the key – just keep away from

[Repeat Chorus]

11. Take My Medicine

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

Open up and ram it down ya
The penny’s dropped, and gone inside ya
The scales have fallen from your eyes
The die is cast, you’re in my sights

You can stay with me
Stay on safer ground
What you wanna do, you wanna fly

Back to my kind of medicine
It’s what you want
Take my medicine
Making you strong
So take my medicine
It’s a heavy pill
Take my medicine »
You got the thrill

Take a bite of what I got ya
Bite down hard, you cannot break it
In your head, yes you’ll be mine
Heartbeat searching for a life

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

12. Stay True

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

I’ve moved some mountains
I’m telling you
I’ve crossed the rivers
Just to be with you
I’m boiling metal
I am your sin
I am your nemesis
I change you from within

I fill you up
With everything you need
I am your chariot – with speed

Stay true – to you
I see your hungry eyes
It’s you – stay true
No need to roll the dice
Stay true – to you
I feed your hungry eyes
Stay true – do you
Stay true – to you

I burn the heavens
I’ll let ya know
Across the nation
Out to bring you hell
A target power
I’ve pulled the pin
I’ll be your genesis
And play the bloody game

13. When Love Becomes A Lie

[Music: Dirkschneider, Wienhold, v.Scheidt]
[Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

There was so much around
I couldn’t take – no more
It hurt me inside
Didn’t wanna lose my mind

I had my time with you
I lost a life with you

All the words that you said
Didn’t wanna hear no more
A life on my own
Now I close the door

I had my lies with you
I lost my sight of you
I couldn’t fight for you
Couldn’t take it anymore

When love becomes a lie
Can’t hurt me anymore
Just a lie
You made it like a lie
Was just a lie
Has been a lie
Was it me – was it you
Was it just a waste of time – waste of time
When love becomes a lie

Never been there before
I had to take the fall
Stepped out on my own
I couldn’t be it all

14. Book Of Faith

[Music & Words: Dirkschneider, Wienhold]

There was a time – without belief
The world was lost – and not in shape
There was a need
For a preacher or a priest
To fill their dreams and hopes

The promised land – of milk and honey
The day did come – the curtain called
By blinded light and trumpet call
They came and saw
The book of faith

So read your book of faith
You will understand
So read the book of faith
You hold it in your hand
So read the book of faith
You’ll see the glory land
So read the book of faith

Now the time has come – if you believe
Now the world is in your hand – you got the sign
You’ve paid your price
Now take your honey and leave
You see my eyes – it’s no surprise
Read the book of faith

[Repeat Chorus]

It’s not the final end

15. Dust And Rust

[Japanese Edition Bonus Track]
[English version of Basta Ya]

16. Shadows Come Alive

[Limited Edition Bonus Track]

I see the fear in your eyes
It comes as no surprise
They are lonely inside – so lonely inside

You’re scared of the night
And fear is not right
It’s so lonely for you – so lonely for you

The silence of the night
When shadows come alive
Pointing of you
You hear the whispers in the night
Some things will not be right
Talking to you

When shadows come alive

And now you are in
The shadow play begins
Crashing all over you – all over you
If you feel this every night
You know this can’t be right
It’s not over for you – over for you

When shadows come alive
Is there a sign on the wall
You will not be alone
It’s there for you
So keep an eye on the sky
There will be a light – just for you

Shadows never come alive

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