Dark Tranquillity: Construct [2013]

Dark Tranquillity - Construct [2013]

Released May 27, 2013
Recorded February 27, 2013
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 42:21
Label Century Media
Producer Jens BogrenDark Tranquillity

Construct is the tenth full-length studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. It was released on May 27, 2013, in Europe, and on May 28, 2013, in North America, through Century Media Records.

The band commented on the style of the album, saying, “While still bearing the unmistakable mark of the Dark Tranquillity, the record is probably our most different and diverse offering since 1999’s Projector“.[1] A music video for “Uniformity”, directed by Patric Ullaeus, was released on May 10, 2013.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Mikael Stanne.

Standard edition
No. Title Music Length
1. “For Broken Words” Anders Jivarp, Martin Brändström 4:34
2. “The Science of Noise” Jivarp, Brändström, Martin Henriksson 3:45
3. “Uniformity” Jivarp, Brändström, Niklas Sundin 5:30
4. “The Silence in Between” Jivarp, Henriksson, Brändström 3:32
5. “Apathetic” Sundin 3:29
6. “What Only You Know” Brändström 4:01
7. “Endtime Hearts” Sundin 3:58
8. “State of Trust” Brändström 4:06
9. “Weight of the End” Jivarp, Brändström, Sundin 4:55
10. “None Becoming” Brändström 4:31
Total length:


1. For Broken Words

[Music: Jivarp / Brändström]

No truth, no lie
No truth, no lie
No truth, no lie

It twists and turns
Into something that is not to be
What truth is left
Was abandoned as the lines flew by

Our words are broken
Commit to sacrifice
Betrayal of the code
Thrust into nothingness
No truth, no lie

Our words are broken

Our subconscious bias
Confirmed what we already believe
There is no message
There is no value
We give shelter to our false ideas

Commit to sacrifice
Betrayal of the code
Thrust into nothingness

Tear our thoughts into splinters
Stab the sense
That’s forced to remember
Our words get thrown
Out of focus
As we test our will
Dissolve to nothing

Break all bounds of unfair holding
Track this line to journey’s end
We’re breaking
We’re breaking down

Our words are broken
Commit to sacrifice
Betrayal of the code
Thrust into nothingness
No truth, no lie

…our sacrifice
…betray the code
…into nothingness

2. The Science Of Noise

[Stanne, Mikael Bengt / Brändström, Martin / Jivarp, Anders / Sundin, Niklas Bo / Henriksson, Martin]

To connect
And make sense of it all
Through the chaos within
We measure what is everything but real
On a crooked scale

Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Shape it in our image
The science of noise

Fill in the blanks
And open the gates
Descend upon
Those who trespass against us

Torn from the sheltering city of pain
As crooked as they come

Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Shape it in our image
The science of noise

One clear cut line
That separates it all

We try to find
To barely see beyond
We look until we see
What our truth now will be

Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Bend it to our will
Dream it into form
Shape it in our image
The science of noise

3. Uniformity

[Music: Jivarp/Brändström/Sundin]

It all comes out
In desire we forgot to face
Take down ambition
Or in our minds we will always fail

The faceless remember
The hours and the fallen words
Connect the fallacies
Detect autonomy
There is a limit
To the never ending sky

We must come to terms
Admit we are defeated
We must come to terms
Of bias and deception
Stand up and be counted
In uniformity

It sets a high mark
For what our minds can endure

Is there life in the distance
A faint beacon of light
Let us fall to the inner ceiling
Of everything we see

The endless resistance
Decides upon the fallen words
Direct the agony to a non response
And forgiveness to an idealized mirage

It informs all decisions
And challenges us to dare

4. The Silence In Between

[Music: Jivarp/Henriksson/Brändström]

Exaggerate what the words wont say
Build and arguement against yourself
Sit this one out
As the silent treatment speaks

The walls are coming down
All we need is
One to fail, one to break
One to take it all away
What if we crumble,
What if we fall
Where is the flame
That torch the soul
Truth when spoken
Dies down to nothing

We challenged light and flame,
And settled for the dark
With pressure built to a point
Deflated before its time
We set our world on fire
Yet lost the will to burn
Not set a tone but a distance
The silence in between
Whatever validates
The anger kept inside

Nothing ties the world to me
Not a page of history
Cannot talk the pain away
Nothing tie the world to me

The silent treatment gets to me
So few and far between
These great dividing acts
Behind those silent eyes

5. Apathetic

[Music: Sundin]

Take the loss to heart
A new beginning
Start anew
Apocalyptic bliss
Lost to the hours
Bare essential needs
Succumb to this

Sometimes I feel
What silence best describes
Sometimes I feel
Apathetic to this life
Turn your back
On helpless failures past
Shut the mind
To equal parts of nothing
Reality now
The sense of nothing lost
Will of the steerless ones

Face away
From the garish light of day
Something I supposed
To have believed
Reality now
Face away?

6. What Only You Know

[Music: Brändström]

So after all that has been said
Can we find a way back to when
The days were ours to take
And nothing ever hurt
And we failed to offer or forgive

Reach out for the favors
Take down the hopeful light
For even the broken break

In the silence that only you know
What hides in the emptiness
That only you know
When the night is long
And the will is weak
Even the broken break

It is a pain you will never know
Held up to a light you once shone
For every hour in my head
The mind distorts
So what can the broken ever say

Phase out the noise pollution
Tune out of insanity’s dream
Take the hopeless down

In the silence that only you know
What hides in the emptiness
That only you know
In that darkness
That only you know
Inside the loneliness
That only you know
When the night is long
And the will is weak
What only you know

7. Endtime Hearts

[Music: Sundin]

You burned the ruin
The torched remains
You set the precedent
Of innocence betrayed
With the coming of our ages
Will the chasm clear
To identify the pieces
And gather what is lost

The hours feel so different
Yet everything’s the same
The hours feel so different

Now bring it out into the open
Full disclosure now
Bring it out so we can
Start all over again
Take another stab at honesty
Full disclosure now
Get it done so we can
Start all over again

Righting the imbalance
In a difference of hearts
Close to breakage
Soon to fall
Fought the urge
To carry through
Held on to the real
Sacrifice the ego
Sacrifice the I

It changes the perception
And alters disbelief
It changes the perception

8. State Of Trust

[Music: Brändström]

Like a crack in the clean slate
I see emotion take over the rational
We are the favoured sons of reason
With tools at our disposal
Squandered day by day

Strip the thoughts
Heal the system
Take the original back
It is inside me/now
If this is all I can remember
Can I ever trust myself

Like a flash or a fleeting glance
I see movement in the corner of my eye
Now the mind goes into overdrive
To process and deceive
How will I ever know

Give up the experience
To halt the fictional mind
It is inside me/now
Block out all that makes it painful
Set the pieces back in place

If this is all that I remember, can I ever trust myself

I track movement
Like light behind my eyes
Made to match up
With what I tell myself each day
My experience
Is what I do not know
And one I cannot trust

It infects the marrow
A virus of ideas
It is inside me/now
What my mind is telling me
Must come undone

If this is all that I remember, can I ever trust myself

9. Weight Of The End

[Music: Jivarp/Brändström/Sundin]

I feel the silence come
In rooms I now detest
The chill of the touch
In infinite night
I thought I had it

One life
One fear
Too much to handle/for one to handle
Too much to take

I held it as my own
And took for granted
What I “knew”

Come inside
To what the darkness pushed away
Set out to find me
The cold of the thought
In infinite touch
The switch gets thrown

What are we missing here
What have we been told
We must be the shield
And not the sword

10. None Becoming

[Music: Brändström]

This life was thrown
Out to the elements for failure
This life was over before it had its time
The distance blurred the edges
And sickened the resolve
Our overturned perception
Held forgotten virtues true

We failed to hold our promise
Of never letting go
The doubt is now inoperable
As faith is to the blind
Man-made virus of deception
We must vaccinate the mind
Alter our climate
Tune the world to our will

The dust has settled in
The broken structure
Is now one with
This shattered beauty
In timeless indifference
Become one, become none

The upturned soil, the reversed sky
Mock with promise of our last hope
Skybound in our will
We seep beneath the surface layer
Become one, become none

11. Immemorial

[Music: Jivarp / Brändström / Sundin]

Between the white and the black
Where the grey interacts
Within the margin of reason and lies
A line must be drawn

Fear of an opposing
Thought is ours
Ages upon ages of distrust
Feed the war machine
That’s in our minds
Fundamental truths
Now set aside
Territorial immemorial

The anger attached to the bone
Digs in deep and poisons the core
The scorn of the nefarious scribe
Must be heard through the ages

Tune the instrument to reasons light
Measure what is equal, what is right
The venom spreads itself
Through thought and word
Boundless and protective
At the core
Territorial immemorial

Break momentum again
The forces of will is upon us
If man is the measure
Then anything goes

Draw from and interpret the absurd
Borne on antiquated lost ideals
From the oppressor
To the blinded prisoner
Our goals are just the same
Territorial immemorial

12. Photon Dreams


[Music: Sundin / Brändström]

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