Black Infinity: 666 Metal [2009]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. Return for Dying 3:23
2. Heaven Downfall (Electro/ Remix) 4:44
3. Lost Angels (Remix) 3:42
4. The Secret 5:53
5. Paint Yourself All Black 5:12
6. Embracing Hearts (Remix) 5:40
7. When Her Love On Fire 3:11
8. Deathbed Illusion 4:07
9. Celebrating Nightmare 4:44
10. G.O.D (The Government of Devils) (Electro Version) 4:21
11. Apocalyptic (The Field of Loss) [feat To Phuong (Ice Queen)] 7:01


[audio,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Return for Dying,Heaven Downfall (Electro/ Remix),Lost Angels (Remix),The Secret,Paint Yourself All Black,Embracing Hearts (Remix),When Her Love On Fire,Deathbed Illusion,Celebrating Nightmare,G.O.D (The Government of Devils) (Electro Version),Apocalyptic (The Field of Loss)|animation=no|loop=yes|initialvolume=100|]


1. Return for Dying

2. Heaven Downfall

From the higher all Above
We felt into this Earth
He burned our Hearts away ( insane )
and Burned Our Wings to Dust

The reality behind the Mask
will bleed out with Our Blood
*To Death We Unite Forever
( in 666 We Trust ) *


My Heaven falldowns tonight
with your Love , we will born in Hell
In this world …We are The End
Face to the Death…. and Love our Gods

BlackHearts Rising the Death World
Pull down your name
And now You’re watching Us
…Dying … Day by Day…….

3. Lost Angels

Rescue me From the heaven’s Lies
Make it through We ‘ll Burn in Hell
Standing here We’re playing alone.
Blood in hand like dancing on Fire
How is this World fading away ?
How is your Life turning to dark ?
Just remember Our sweet revenge
With no regret love no mercy

We’re loss and have no fear
We’re Death in the heaven light
This is The End of all Life
But full of Love is Burning inside
Cold Dark Raven Soul
Cold Hearts ( Let’s Go )
Redemption… Blind salvation
In this faith We’re losing Ourself
Im waiting for the day release your Soul
Im waiting for the Day Release My Sin
Blood and Tears that ‘s all we have
Bless in My Heart With Death and Gone.

4. The Secret

5. Paint Yourself All Black

Music : Nguyen Tien Man
Lyrics : Jesus Christ , N.T.Hung , T.D.Khang

Let me guide you..To the world of darkness
With Hope in Pain….We Sacrifice
When You’re loving someone…just like kissing the illusion
That Holy Cross…To Nail me and You

Let Walk with me through this silent garden
Just one more step…We close to the end
” To Rest and Peace…Just come with me ”
Choose the side….That you’re belonging to…

Chorus :

So Paint…Paint yourself all Black
To Hide Us from the World….Reality
So Paint ….Paint yourself All Black
To hide me from the Sun….The Sun of Truth…and you…
Blind me…You…Blind me….

6. Embracing Hearts

Like the sound from the silence
Covering our Hearts
We ‘ve drowned to this place
Deeper …. More and More.

In the loneliness of life
We’ve prayed to the Gods
for the healing song on your Pain

Chorus :

Frozen sky we’ve stayed and Sleep inside
And how we died alone ?
My evenfall downs with the Crimson wine
Our tears have cried nomore
in The End…We are all alone….
Embracing my heart …with you…
A teardrop from your eyes…
is the fear drowning in my nights

7. When Her Love On Fire

8. Deathbed Illusion

9. Celebrating Nightmare

10. G.O.D (The Government of Devils)

11. Apocalyptic (The Field of Loss)

Darkest sky is opening Wide
Silver ocean is going high
Apocalyptic sin is going through my Heart
There’s no time to say good bye
There’s no blame or question why?
Just close your eyes and Pray
” In this World we’re die young ”

Together We’re Dying
One by One … We’re falling Down
Together We’re flying ….
So far away …the field of loss

Silver tears and seven moons inside
Crimson Cloud and falling stars tonight
The Reality Dreams showing in my eyes

Depression…Our Separation
My love is in Hell seeing the new Dawn
Finding all the days of Loss and Pain

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