Europe: War Of Kings [2015]

Europe - War of Kings [2015]

Released March 2, 2015
(see Release history)
Recorded October–November 2014
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Label UDR Records
JVC (Japan)
Producer Dave Cobb

War of Kings is the tenth studio album by the Swedish rock band Europe. It was released on March 2, 2015 by UDR Records.

War of Kings will be available in multiple formats, as a CD digipak, a CD jewel case, a vinyl LP and in digital download format. Vocalist Joey Tempest stated that “War of Kings is the album we always wanted to make, ever since we were kids listening to bands like Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath. And after hearing Dave Cobb amazing production for Rival Sons we simply had to work with him. Our adventure is still ON!”[3]

The first single, “War of Kings”, was released on February 4, 2015.[1] The music video was directed by Patric Ullaeusand premiered on February 9.[4] The second single, “Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, was released on March 16, 2015[2] and the music video will premiere on April 27.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “War of Kings” Tempest, Levén, Cobb 4:36
2. “Hole in My Pocket” Tempest, Levén 3:42
3. “The Second Day” Tempest, Michaeli 5:23
4. “Praise You” Tempest, Michaeli, Cobb 4:34
5. “Nothin’ to Ya” Tempest, Norum, Michaeli, Levén,Haugland 3:54
6. “California 405” Tempest, Michaeli 4:31
7. “Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Tempest 3:05
8. “Children of the Mind” Tempest, Michaeli, Cobb 4:30
9. “Rainbow Bridge” Tempest, Michaeli 3:16
10. “Angels (With Broken Hearts)” Tempest, Michaeli, Norum, Levén, Haugland, Cobb 5:19
11. “Light It Up” Tempest, Norum, Levén 6:10


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