Tesla: Titled Simplicity [2014]

Tesla - Titled Simplicity [2014]

Released June 6, 2014
Label Frontiers Records (Europe)
Tesla Electric Company Recording (US)
Producer Tesla

American hard rockers Tesla are finally releasing their new album. Titled Simplicity, the opus will be out in Europe on June 6th on Frontiers Records. The Sacramento rockers are back with 14 new songs on Tesla‘s seventh all original studio album which follows a 6-years creative break from the release of the previous album Forever More.

After a string of shows in the USA in 2013, the band went back into the studio in early 2014 and came out with a new album. The band worked and produced it as they did with Into The Now, their successful comeback album from 2004.

The first new song off the new album “Taste My Pain”, was released last summer digitally via iTunes and Amazon.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “MP3”
2. “Ricochet”
3. “Rise and Fall”
4. “So Divine…”
5. “Cross My Heart”
6. “Honestly”
7. “Flip Side!”
8. “Other Than Me”
9. “Break of Dawn”
10. “Burnout to Fade”
11. “Life Is a River”
12. “Sympathy”
13. “Time Bomb”
14. “‘Til That Day”
Bonus tracks:
No. Title Length
15. “Burnout to Fade” (Writing Demo Version)
16. “Taste My Pain” (Japanese Bonus Track (original single released in 2013))



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