Insomnium: Shadows Of The Dying Sun [2014]


Released April 25, 2014
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 56:43
Label Century Media Records
Producer Teemu Aalto, Insomnium

Shadows of the Dying Sun is the sixth studio album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium. It was released in North America on April 29th, 2014 via Century Media Records, and on April 25th in Finland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the rest of Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand on April 28th. It is the first album with new guitarist Markus Vanhala after previous long-time guitarist Ville Vänni departed in 2011.

The song “Revelations” in a form of a lyric video was released on March 21, 2014.[1] A music video was made for the song and single “While We Sleep”, which was released on April 7th, 2014.[2][3] And the last song “Black Heart Rebellion” was released on April 22, 2014.[4]

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “The Primeval Dark” Friman Friman 3:17
2. “While We Sleep” Friman Friman 6:20
3. “Revelation” Sevänen Vanhala 5:15
4. “Black Heart Rebellion” Friman Friman 7:03
5. “Lose to Night” Friman Friman 4:59
6. “Collapsing Words” Friman Friman 4:38
7. “The River” Sevänen Sevänen & Vanhala 7:57
8. “Ephemeral” (Album version) Friman Friman 4:01
9. “The Promethean Song” Sevänen Vanhala 6:41
10. “Shadows of the Dying Sun” Friman Friman 6:32
Total length:


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