Summoning: Old Mornings Dawn [2013]

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn [2013]

Released June 5, 2013
Genre Black metal
Length 64:27
75:27 (with bonuses)
Label Napalm Records

Old Mornings Dawn is the seventh full-length album by Summoning. With two bonus tracks contained by the box-set and forest green, white and orange vinyl double LP versions, this album is to the date the band’s longest one. The cover art is based on George Hetzel‘s painting, Rocky Gorge. The album charted 24 in finnish charts.

Track listing

All songs by Summoning. (2013 Summoning/Iron Avantgarde Publishing)

No. Title Length
1. “Evernight” (instrumental) 2:48
2. “Flammifer” 7:07
3. “Old Mornings Dawn” 9:29
4. “The White Tower” 9:35
5. Caradhras 9:31
6. “Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves” 8:22
7. “The Wandering Fire” 8:02
8. “Earthshine” 9:33
9. “The Darkening of Valinor” (bonus track, instrumental) 4:04
10. “With Fire and Sword” (bonus track) 6:46


1. Evernight

ilu vanya, fanya, eari
i-mar, ar ilqa imen.
na uye sere indo-ninya simen, ullume;

ten si ye tyelma, yeva tyel ar i-narqelion,
fre ilqa yeva notina, hostainieva, yallume:
ananta uva tare farea, ufarea!

(The world is fair, the sky, the seas, the earth,
and all that is in them. But my heart resteth not here for ever,
for here is ending, and there will be an end and the fading,
when all is counted, and all numbered at last,
but yet it will not be enough, not enough)

2. Flammifer

Beneath the moon and under star
he wandered far from northern strands,
bewildered on enchanted ways
beyond the days of mortal lands.

Through evernight he back was borne
on black and roaring waves that ran
o’er leagues unlit and foundered shores
that drownded before the days began.

His sword of steel was valiant,
of adamant his helmet tall,
an eagle-plume upon his crest,
upon his breast an emerald.

3. Old Mornings Dawn

The windy years have strewn down distant ways;
and in the halls still doth thy spirit sing
songs of old memory amid thy present tears,
or hope of days to come half sad with many fears.

Though along thy paths no longer runs
while war untimely takes thy many sons,
no tide of treason can thy glory drown
robed in sad majesty, the stars thy crown.
I am the blood!

Old mornings dawn,
i am not the light you see,
but only that which is falling on me.

The misty stars thy crown, the night thy dress,
most peerless magical thou dost possess my heart,
and old days come to life again,
old mornings dawn…

4. The White Tower

While, i, look at the moon … alone i look out under moonlight
From in my windy tower … from in my white and windy tower
Ye bide no moment and await no hour,
But go with solemn song and harpers tune

Through the darkest night … through darkest night and shadow seashores
To the distant trees, the trees that brought the light to valar
Whose fruit and flower are the moon and sun,
Where light of earth is ended and begun.

Here only comes at whiles a wind to blow
Returning now down …. down the way ye go,
With perfume place, and places of unearthly trees … of unearthly trees

Here only long … afar through window pane
I glimpse the sound of the golden rain
that falls now down … for ever on the outer seas … on the outer seas.

Ir in-elenath gwennin
I’ il thinna,i amar u-dartha
Am man darthon, a linnon
Nu galad hen fireb?

(When the starry host has departed
The star fades,the world does not wait
Why do i linger and sing
Under this fading mortal light?)

5. Caradhras

When winter winds are piercing chill,
and through the hawthorn blows the gale,
with solemn feet i tread the peak,
that overbrows the mountains vale.

Redhorn; my doom!

Where twisted round the barren oak,
the winter vine in beauty clung,
and howling winds the stillness broke,
the crystal icicle is hung.

Redhorn; my doom!

But still wild music is abroad,
pale, desert woods! within your crowd;
and gathering winds, in hoarse accord,
amid the vocal reeds pipe loud.

High upon the land,
on the highest (mountain) peak i hear
(the echoes of) the world profound.

6. Of Pale White Morns And Darkened Eves

Here many days once gently past me crept
in this dear town of old forgetfulness;
here all entwined in dreams once long i slept
and heard no echo of the world’s distress

For here the castle and the mighty tower,
more grey and dim than long cold autumn rain,
sleep, nor sunlit moment nor triumphal hour,
wakes their old lords too long in slumber lain.

Like moments clustered in a crowded year,
today’s great sadness, or tomorrow’s fear;
faint echoes fade within their drowsy halls
like ghost; the daylight creeps across their walls.

7. The Wandering Fire

The wandering fire …. the fire woodlands filling;
in glades for ever green it glows,
In dells immortal immortal dew distilling
The flower that in secret fragrance grows.

Uncounted leagues away it lies from here,
And foam there flowers … there flowers upon the sea
By cliffs of crystal … of crystal carven clear
On shining beaches … beaches blowing free.

Through the gleaming … vales its singing going,
Were breathing keen on bent and briar
The wind beyond … beyond the world’s end blowing
To living flame the wandering fire.

Uncounted leagues away it lies from here,
And foam there flowers … there flowers upon the sea
By cliffs of crystal … of crystal carven clear
On shining beaches … beaches blowing free.

The wandering fire …. the fire with tongues of flame
With light there … there kindles quick and clear
The land forgotten … of long forgotten name:
No man may ever may ever anchor near

8. Earthshine

Heard you the sound … the sound of the muffled drum
And all the trumpets mournful blast
They tell that the time … that the combatant’s time has come
to all his dreams of glory past

Sealed till the last … the last deep trumpet shake,
The earth with all its awful sound
Then shall the dead … the dead arousing, wake,
While even nature sinks around!

The mother weeps … she weeps her beloved son,
Who was her hope her joy her pride
He was the one … the widows only one
For him she surely would have died

Her pilgrimage is nearly past,
her every earthly woe,
like the ancient tree that falls at last
when wintry tempests blow

What marvel that she wildly cries
For the grave its prey to yield?
oh what avail are tears or sighs
his earthly doom is seald.

Don’t grieve for me
I’m not there
I am the gentle autumn rain
Hold up my lamp to light your way
farewell to thee

9. The Darkening Of Valinor

[Special Edition Bonus Track]

Fair shall the end be!
We will never turn back from pursuit.
War shall he have and hatred undying.

We and we alone shall be lords of the unsullied Light, and masters of the bliss and beauty of Arda.

Fair shall the end be!
We will never turn back from pursuit.
War shall he have and hatred undying.

10. With Fire And Sword

[Special Edition Bonus Track]

Only the weak believe,
that what they do in battle,
is who the are as men

Far in the north neath hills of stone
in caverns black there was a throne,
by flame encircled there the smoke
in coiling collumns rose to choke.

Slowly his shadow like a cloud
rode from the north and on the proud
that would not yield his vengance fell;
to death or thraldom under hell

With fire and sword his ruin red
and all that would not bow the head
like lightning fell the northern land
lay groaning neath his ghastly hand.

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