Arch Enemy: War Eternal [2014]

Arch Enemy - War Eternal [2014]

Released June 4, 2014 (Japan)
June 9, 2014 (Europe)
June 10, 2014 (US)[1]
Recorded Late 2013 – early 2014 at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro,Sweden
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 50:32 (Standard edition)
Label Century Media
Producer Arch Enemy

War Eternal is the ninth studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, which was released on June 9, 2014 by Century Media. It is the first album since Wages of Sin (2001) to feature a new line-up, with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals after former long-time vocalist Angela Gossow stepped down from vocal duties to be the band’s business manager,[4] and Nick Cordle on guitars who replaced Christopher Amott in 2012.

On March 3, 2014 the band revealed the album’s title War Eternal and the release date.[5]

On March 17, 2014, Gossow released a statement announcing her departure from the group and welcoming her replacement, former vocalist of Canadian melodic death metal band The AgonistAlissa White-Gluz. In the statement, she wrote that while she had enjoyed her time with the group, it was time for her to move on, be with her family and pursue other interests. Gossow did confirm that she would remain Arch Enemy’s business manager, and would be “passing the torch to the super talented Alissa White-Gluz, whom I’ve known as a dear friend and a superb vocalist for many years. I always thought she deserved a chance to shine – and now she’s getting it. Just like I got that chance back in 2001.”

The first single and music video “War Eternal” was released on March 20, 2014. The video was produced by Patric Ullaeus.[9] The band will start their War Eternal world tour in May with an extensive run through Europe. A US tour is planned for fall 2014.[10] On May 27th they released their second music video, “You Will Know My Name”.

Track listing

Standard Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor)” (intro) Michael Amott 1:12
2. “Never Forgive, Never Forget” Amott, Nick Cordle 3:44
3. “War Eternal” Amott, Cordle 4:16
4. “As the Pages Burn” Amott, Alissa White-Gluz 4:01
5. “No More Regrets” Amott, Cordle, White-Gluz 4:06
6. “You Will Know My Name” Amott, Cordle 4:37
7. “Graveyard of Dreams” (instrumental) Amott, Daniel Erlandsson 1:10
8. “Stolen Life” Amott 2:59
9. “Time Is Black” Amott, White-Gluz, Erlandsson 5:24
10. “On and On” Amott, Cordle, White-Gluz 4:05
11. “Avalanche” Amott, Cordle, White-Gluz, Erlandsson 4:39
12. “Down to Nothing” Amott, Cordle 3:48
13. “Not Long for This World” (instrumental) Amott 3:29
Total length:


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