White Lion: Fight to Survive [1985]

Released November 9, 1985 (Japan)
June 1986 (USA)
Recorded Hotline Studios, Frankfurt, Germany, 1984
Genre Hard rockglam metal
Length 44:32
Label Victor (Japan)
Grand Slamm Records (USA)
Producer Peter Hauke

Fight to Survive was the first album by the American/Danish hard rock band White Lion, released by Victor Records in Japan in 1985. The band was signed to Elektra Records, which shelved the album with no intention of publishing it in the USA. Philadelphia-based Grand Slamm Records bought the album from Elektra and released it in America the following year.[2] The album charted at number 151 on The Billboard 200.

Track listing

All Songs Written By Mike Tramp & Vito Bratta, except where noted.

  1. Broken Heart” – 3:33
  2. “Cherokee” – 4:56
  3. “Fight to Survive” – 5:14 (Tramp, Bratta, Nicky Capozzi)
  4. “Where Do We Run” – 3:29 (Tramp, Bratta, Felix Robinson)
  5. “In the City” – 4:39 (Tramp, Bratta, Capozzi, Robinson)
  6. “All the Fallen Men” – 4:53
  7. “All Burn in Hell” – 4:21 (Tramp, Bratta, Capozzi)
  8. “Kid of 1000 Faces” – 4:02 (Tramp, Bratta, Capozzi, Robinson)
  9. “El Salvador” – 4:49
  10. “The Road to Valhalla” – 4:30

Remastered versions of the album feature several live bonus tracks. However, these were recorded during the Pride tour by the band’s classic lineup, quite some time after this album.

The track “Broken Heart”, was recorded and updated for the bands 1991 release :Mane Attraction”.


1. Broken Heart

Here I stand, all alone
Trying to fight the pain from a broken heart
Why she left me? I don’t know
It really doesn’t matter anymore
I thought our love could last forever
But here I stand lost and all alone

Start a new day, but not alone
I’m gonna break away from this broken heart
I’ll meet a woman. I’m gonna take her home
(Where) I’ll pick all the pieces and start all over again
I know that life will be much better
Cause I know the (light) will shine again

There is life even after a broken heart, broken heart
You can fight the pain from a broken heart broken heart

I know that life will be much better


2. Cherokee

You were wild and you were free
You would search your destiny
But the white man came and took your land away
You were fire and you were flame
You were blood inside that (vein)
How he brought you fame the day he came to stay

I hear you howling through the night
The wind is cold the moons are fading
The pride and sorrow curse the light
And wakes a vengeance in your heart

You were young but you were wise
You were smoke that always raised
How they put you down and spit upon your name
You were snow and you were rain
You would walk without a shame
But they changed your life and gave you all the blame

The sound of thunder breaks the arch
10000 riders side by side
The time has come to end the fight
For their freedom, for their right

Cherokee, riding free
You ride into the sky
Where your spirit lives forever
Cherokee, riding free
You ride into the sky
Where all your freedom lasts forever

The fire burns tonight
We all recall the fight
Where blood was shed without a reason
200 years have passed since you stood ashore
And raped your land down to the core


3. Fight To Survive

And it all began the day that he was born
The boy looks up the sky’s blue the sun so warm
At time spent (that’s numbered)
The young ones on the loose
And the clock keeps turning , times start spinning fast
Cooling off his burning fire, through his soul
He brings on hope, fight for survival
You saw the frantic and he sees it falling down
He feels the emptiness that pushes him towards the ground

Oh, bring out your shield
Raise high your sword
Fight to survive
Run, plea for your life
Look toward the sun
Fight to survive

As you walk along the shore
Your thoughts run by
The questions are your empty thoughts
thoughts deep inside and you feel like thunder
Since you are on the loose
As the times keep going lives fly by fast
Then you feel you’re growing tired
You say no, look toward the sun, fight for survival
You saw the frantic and he sees it falling down
He feels the emptiness that pushes him towards the ground


4. Where Do We Run

Stare down at the river
Look up to the trees
There are signs of confusion
They are frightening me
The glowing, the blue light
The raise from the sun
They’re already changing
Or has it begun
We are people all over
Wanting only to live
(It) is life we are seeking
Hey you must be barely come true

(Where do we go)
When there’s no place to (run)
When it’s hot without sun
Tell me where do we run?

This is not an illusion
It is truly (a scare)
All our lives in a frenzy
All our hearts in despair
There are times when we wonder
Will it be life or dead?
And is light we are seeking
Hey you, must be barely come true


5. In The City

When you look toward the city
A monument to there
(And as) you (walk through) to the streets
The people (looking scared)
And there are parts of the city
Where a hand begins
Then the night time arise for his deadly sin
One place in the city where lights (shines) so pity
You think your life’s on the trigger
You saying I don’t care
No, No he don’t care
He walks the street at night
What a lonely soul
With this guys by side he wonders
Why he’s alone
But oh in the city when the sun goes down
The neon light goes on and he’s on the prowl
The black (sky) in the city
The light shining through
When the sun goes down
(they could be on to you)

Oh in the city
You live or die
In the city
Don’t ask why
In the city
You stroll at night
In the city
Stand up and fight


6. All The Fallen Men

The fire is burning
The heroes are dead
Their ashes been spread out
All the prayers been said
They fought for their country
And they died for their king
Without ever asking
For one little thing

The power and glory have risen again
The king is here on his throne
The power and glory was all that remained
Now it’s over now it’s over

Cry it out in the night
For all the fallen men
Shout it out loud and clear
For all the fallen men

The flowers they had died out
Where the battle took place
It’s all been deserted
A place for the dead
If you listen to the wind
You can hear them cry
The sound of soldiers screaming in the night


7. All Burn In Hell

Oh, why don’t you just leave me alone
Your the kind I choose not to know
I don’t want you to see you I am
Your the kind that just tries to (command)
You try to fool me and make me look so blind
And you told so many stories
But the lies you told were only in your mind
Now I ride into the glory


All burn in hell
You’re choosing well
All burn in hell
You fall and (fail)

If you think you’re still in demand
Look inside you’re a small frayed end
Now you don’t want to be left alone
I know your rotten (goal) will unfold
You (demand) me the things I can (obey)
Now you’re begging me for glory
Seems to me this has always been the way
The final chapter of the story


8. Kid Of 1000 Faces

Your mother slapped you when you were born
??? for her circumstance
Another letter and you’re gone
From the word of time carries on
Oh, no you will not continue that way
Ancient feelings that I wrote
Sitting through your inner self
Do you feel you won’t (????)
(till the mindless act your friend performs)
Say no, I won’t let this stand in my way
Just look at yourself and see

You’re the kid of 1000 faces yeah yeah
You’re the kid of 1000 faces yeah yeah

Oh, it feels real good
When something’s said and understood
Do you feel the awesome sun?
That’s why you ??? at the time you leave note
Oh, no Do you ?? my existence away
Just look at yourself and see

They tell us that we are wrong
But (what’s that) about you and me
Are we too wild? Are we too young?
Hey listen man, we don’t give a damn
Just look at yourself and see
Just look at yourself
Just look at yourself

[Chorus x2]

Run, nah, nah, nah,

9. El Salvador

He could barely remember
When the fighting began
It was early September
When he lost his old man
Soon the time came to leave there
And to start a new life
How it seems so unfair
When they gave him a gun and a knife

So he fights with a gun in his hand
For what reason he can’t understand
Yeah, he fights with a gun in his hand
For the freedom (of their land)

Can you hear them crying out
All the people in El Salvador
Can you hear a distant shout
From the people in El Salvador

As he stares at the ceiling
He thinks back quite aways
It was him that was dealing
Tell you those were the days
As he stares at a white dove
Tears roll down on his face
And then once filled with love
That only God himself can replace


Can you hear the crying out
All the people in El Salvador
Can you hear a distant shout
From the people in El Salvador
(cross your heart and hope to die)
For the people in El Salvador
Still they kill not knowing why
All the people in El Salvador

Can you hear them cry?
Can you see them die?
Can you tell me why?
All the people in El Salvador

10. The Road To Valhalla

There is a road that leads to Valhalla
Where only the chosen are allowed
There is a boy with the dream of Valhalla
A place in the land of the gods
Cause in their home where the fire burns forever
The life goes on for those who tell in battle
The gods will wake him the moment he falls in the fight
Cause he’ll rise when the sun goes down

He raised high his sword
As he cried out Valhalla
His dream has become reality
Tonight he will ride on the road to Valhalla
Chosen to feast with the gods

Cause in their home where the fire burns forever
The life goes on for the mighty young (viking)
The journey has finally come to and end for the boy
He has risen as the bravest of them all

Valhalla oh I hail you
You mighty home upon this lake
Valhalla oh you came true
(and I’ll now) forever reign

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