Steelheart: Just a Taste (EP) [2006]

Released 2006
Genre Heavy metalHard rock
Length 19:14
Label Steelheart Records
Producer Michael Matijevic/Kit Woolven

Just a Taste is a four track EP from rock band Steelheart. Released in late 2006, it’s literally a taste of music to be heard from the following albumGood 2b Alive released on September 15, 2008, although the EP had its own supporting tour.

Although the EP is now available for purchase via the Steelheart online store, the tracks are available separately as digital downloads.

Track listing

  1. “LOL (Laughing Out Loud)” (Miljenko Matijevic) – 4:02
  2. “Twisted Future” (Matijevic) – 5:10
  3. “Buried Unkind” (Matijevic) – 4:55
  4. We All Die Young” (Matijevic, Kenny Kanowski) – 5:07


1. LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

2. Twisted Future

3. Buried Unkind

4. We All Die Young

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