Estatic Fear

Estatic Fear (the first word of their name being a portmanteau of ecstatic and esthetic) is an Austrian symphonic metal band. Their songs include elements of several different genres, such as Classicaldoom metalGothic metalblack metal, and folk music.

The band was founded in the year of 1994 with the intent of combining both classical melodies, Dark metal and Gothic metal styles in an instrumental mixture of lute, flute, piano and cello.

In 1995, Estatic Fear took part in the one-hour compilation “Exit”, produced by Martin Auzinger and Peter Kern, together with bands Coffee & CreamMortusBorn In The BottleBereavement,NochtschichtHerbDystrophyStill No Name, and Out Of Cage.

Later, in 1996, an agreement was signed with CCP Records, which led to the debut of their first album, “Somnium Obmutum“, a four track epic which consisted of two short instrumental compositions, and two relatively long songs. In this album, doom metal is combined with orchestral arrangements on piano and cello, and instruments such as the lute, flute, and acoustic guitar. The album was widely observed with interest from local media and underground metal fans alike.

After nearly three years of inactivity, Matthias Kogler (who formally acted under the pseudonym of “Calix Miseriae”) recorded the second album “A Sombre Dance” in its entirety as a solo artist, since the remaining members had previously left the band. Guest musicians were featured on the album to assist with additional instruments. The tracks labeled “Chapter I” through “Chapter IX” are meant to be interpreted as if the album was played as a story or concept album, meant to be told consecutively as though each song was a different chapter.

Although Estatic Fear have not achieved particular commercial success, they gathered a distinguished cult following after the release of A Sombre Dance.

As of 2008, Kogler had apparently written enough material for two new albums, but was uncertain when he would have time to record them.

Estatic Fear is also featured on Austrian pagan metal band Hrossharsgrani’s Schattenkrieger album (2002, CCP Records) – Songs: (13) Sechster Schattenzyklus, (14) Wenn Winters Sang und Klang Verstummt.

Band members

Current members

  • Matthias ‘Calix Miseriea’ Kogler – Guitars, Piano

Last known full line-up

  • Matthias ‘Calix Miseriea’ Kogler – Guitars, Piano
  • Milan ‘Astaroth Magus’ Pejak – Drums
  • Markus Miesbauer – Bass, Vocals
  • Jürgen ‘Jay’ Lalik – Vocals
  • Thomas Hirtenkauf – Vocals
  • Klaus Kogler – Lute
  • Bernhard Vath – Cello
  • Claudia Schöftner – Vocals
  • Franz Hageneder – Flute

Former members

  • Markus Pointner – Drums
  • Beowulf – Vocals, Bass
  • Stauff – Guitars
  • Marion – Vocals

Guest musicians

  • Petra Holzl – Flute


• 1996 – Somnium Obmutum
• 1999 – A Sombre Dance

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