Rotting Christ: Non Serviam [1994]

Released 1994
Genre Black metal
Length 44:10
Label Unisound
The End Records (2006 reissue)
Producer Rotting Christ

Non Serviam, released in 1994, is the second full length album by Greek band Rotting Christ.

In Latin, “Non serviam” translates to “I will not serve”, and Biblically refers to Satan‘s refusal to serve God [1]. It also has some different connotations in secular literary works.

Frontman Sakis Tolis has the words tattooed on his stomach.[citation needed]

After 12 years of discontinued print, the album was re-released by The End Records in 2006. According to their biography, it is also the last album in which the band used a sessional drum machine.

Track listing

All Songs Written By Mutilator & Necromayhem, except where noted. (Copyright Unisound Music)

  1. “The Fifth Illusion” – 5:33
  2. “Wolfera the Chackal” (feat. Theodoridis Efstathios a.k.a. Antireligion) – 7:13
  3. “Non Serviam” – 5:13
  4. “Morality of a Dark Age” – 5:01
  5. “Where Mortals Have No Pride” – 7:48
  6. “Fethreosforia” – 1:36 [instrumental]
  7. “Mephesis of Black Crystal” – 5:24
  8. “Ice Shaped God” – 3:54
  9. Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son” – 6:22


1. The Fifth Illusion

Excavate the ancient tomp
Expansion of my doom
Converge to the empty coffin

A kingdom under catacomb
Furrowed background
Self – Abnegation
And a flute to paint the atmosphere

The fifth illusion
Self delusion of reality
The fifth illusion
Prison warder for your dreams

A kingdom under catacomb
Furrowed background
Neutralize your fantasy
Spiritual abusement
His excellence

The fifth illusion
Self delusion of reality
The fifth illusion
Prison warder for your dreams

2. Wolfera The Chacal (Neoplasia)

In the messy forest
Metabolism of the wolf
Mirage of reality
When the chacal came into view
Mining of clear power
Reach manhood in pure steel
It’s thundering & lightning
Beast’s eyes flashed with anger

Wolfera the chacal

Walk by starlight
Wolfera the chacal
(call it misanthropist)

A dreamlike physical build
Piggish habbits
The fetim race
The newcomer
A new generation
A new breed
The newly weds
The tooth painted with hunter’s blood
Entracing the hunger’s look
Equivalent in the book of strength
Eradicate the soul of the land

3. Non Serviam

Emotion – Buring wooden icons
Menial man – In the candleshadow
Notorious King – Unblessed & Isolated
Open his wings
Lord himself
Enter to abyss
Non Serviam

Subterranean Ambitions
The undersinged
Never submit
Like flame he escaped
Underestimate the mankind
Unleashed he rule
Shifty bites the heel
Make red-hot under earth
With the face of angel
In flirt with sin
His voice in eternity
Non Serviam

Immortals Sum
Anni non vexaverunt me
Mille suboles certat contra a tyrannidem
Nus fons ad erevum est
Numguam Recessi
Per te natus sum et tu per me

4. Morallity Of A Dark Age

Fade to cold, beyond false arch
Colourfull pictures taken of a dead mind
Lifeless boatman in the shore of lake
The tide will bring you
The fullmoon removed now
A mute riot with a horrific smell
Extencive perpetuation
Succeed the simple thought
Manifest of a new reality
Morallity of a dark age
Special voice
Rise above
Ashes & Bones
The law decide
Transmit my word

Divided society, man against man
Dogmatic philosophy, instincts of age
Vibration skinning the map
Like a satelite I watch all your moves
Quarter fo a year
Is enough
The triangle cover all angles
Just touch the ground & See your hands
Two thousand years after christ
– Dark Age –

5. Where Mortals Have No Pride

Ride this glorious night
All lords from beyond
Galaxial dust above the cosmic temple
Decisions have taken
Stars turn to dark
The chains are tighter
Slaves turn to blind

Bleeding knowledge wasn’t enough
Universal deity stand so high
Unfair crime malicious war

The tormen’s cries religious lust
Stones of snow
Massive jail
Masochits love
Slaves of ice
Twelve thrones / Around the temple
Twelve kings / Twelve sons
Twelve kingdoms / Twelve new planets
Where flames burn the flesh
Where ice cold the soul
Where mortals have no pride

6. Fethroesforia


7. Mephesis Of Black Crystal

Nost I’m the Glory
The symbol of Lory
Bring me the crystal
Univerce i’m your lord now
Panthers around my throne
My daughter’s blood
My palace appear
Mephesis of black crystal
Carry the charriot
I ride tilveria
The crystal in the right side
Winged plasma
You will never arise
Clean as the water
You’ll see into my soul
The rings in my fingers
Each word each order
You’ll never smell the flowers again
You’ll never see the ocean
The crystallic orizon
I paint all the walls in black

8. Ice Shaped God

Petrified shadows
Malevolent motives
Open the fifth gate of lent
Enter to a snowy fantasmagoria
Emerge from nowhere
No father no mother
An unnature utterus
The white seas with dead fishes
Without sense
Feeling logic
Completely cold
Crystalized the riversides the hills
Glacial Strength
From the glacial era
Torment in icefall
The ice shaped god
As lernaean hydra recover its plagues
Throw onself into a fight
Long for its predestination
Opposite to the hot rays
Into the propylaea of victory
Adapted to human form
Bodes ill for the country
The fall of man

9. Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son

Mystic passage in saveland
I saw all glory in black gold
The earthly dwelling a crypt of cold
I experience my-self into known maths
Escay of dawn
I’m alone
Transformed into stone
Saturn unlock avey’s son
Volcanic explosion
Tartarus son
An unnature embryo
A horrific born
A gold bell, a black ring
The kiss of Musthmur
Bless him
Oh faithfull servant, oh faithfull beast
Flatter my will, follow my path
Revive my wrath
Romanian moon, the count rides moonlight
Call me to serve him, release him from grave
Onward to the mountains, the wild castle wear its black
With respect I obey the blood land
I kiss the ground my lips on red

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